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With a non-invasive test, we make knowing your COVID-19 statis easy by removing the discomfort of rapid testing.

Trusted Results

One of the best tools against COVID-19 is testing, and with the iStatis COVID-19 Antigen Home Test’s high accuracy, you can be confident in your test results, helping you make informed decisions so you can get back to your life safely.


iStatis is made by bioLytical, a trusted, experienced test manufacturer based in Canada. Our facility is ISO 13485:2016 MDSAP certified, so you can be sure your test works to keep you safe.


Rapid tests should simplify taking care of your health. With clear instructions, an easy-to-use platform, and a simple and painless procedure, we make knowing your statis simple and fast so that you can get back to your life with confidence.

Know with iStatis







Collect Sample

Remove the test swab from the packaging (don’t touch the soft part) and gently insert no more than 2 cm (¾ inch) into the left nostril. Slowly rotate at least 5 times in a circular path. Once done, repeat on the right nostril.



Read the Results

Start a timer for 15 minutes (results should not be read after 30 minutes have elapsed.) If you see a control line but no test line, the result is negative. If there is a control and a test line, the result is positive, and you should consult public health guidelines for next steps. Please note, the result is invalid if there is no control line (even if there is a test line) and the test should be repeated.

Testing of Nasal Sample

Place the swab directly into the buffer vial and rotate the swab vigorously 5 times, then rotate another 5 times while squeezing the side of the buffer vial. Remove the swab while rotating against the buffer vial and squeezing the sides and place the cap onto the vial. Holding the vial with one hand, flick the bottom with the other to mix the solution before slowly turning upside down and adding 3 drops to the sample well.

How To Use 

Training Video

iStatis COVID-19 Antigen Home Test

The iStatis Covid-19 Antigen Home Test is developed for use in everyday settings to help you feel confident in your statis so that you can take action to reduce exposure and prevent transmission.



Health Canada

WHO - Pre-qualified


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Instructions for Use (IFU)

Read this Package Insert completely before using the product. 

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