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Learn about how bioLytical started and where we are headed next!

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

bioLytical’s story starts with an idea to create equitable access to a safe, affordable, and accurate HIV rapid test. We noticed that access to tests and waiting for your results took far too long, increasing anxiety and deterring many from getting tested. Helping people know their status is a critical component of a vibrant and healthy community. We wanted to build a company that transformed the process for everyone – from medical professionals to patients and everyone in between.

We grew out of a desire to help end HIV as a global epidemic, but we know the work doesn’t stop there. At the core of our company lies a desire to create equitable access to health resources. We believe that testing for infectious diseases should be accessible, accurate, and have immediate results. We remain steadfast to our beginning belief to transform the way health is managed through innovative technology.

Testing is an integral step in ending epidemics such as HIV and hepatitis. We will continue to work towards creating a world where every person has access to affordable, accurate, and easy-to-use tests. With over 18 million INSTI® kits sold and counting, bioLytical continues to develop ways to improve patient care and individual comfort by providing an integral tool in the fight against infectious diseases.

The next step in our evolution is iStatis. With the vision to reach more people, iStatis was designed to be accessible and simple to use, offering high-quality tests with trusted results, starting with the iStatis COVID-19 Antigen Test. With decades of industry-leading experience as the makers of the revolutionary INSTI® testing platform, we wanted to continue to innovate to help more people know their status to make informed health decisions.

Innovate, advocate, and educate — this is our motto for tackling some of the world’s most severe healthcare challenges while holding ourselves to unparalleled standards of safety and quality.

Together, we can help eliminate stigma for those living with or affected by infectious diseases by building awareness to empower individuals to make informed health choices safely and quickly. We believe that we have responsibilities as global citizens to make the world a better place. And while that may sound cliched, we believe that together, bioLytical is ready to lead the way into a new way of approaching how we make informed health decisions. After all, the only way to know your statis is to get tested, and that knowing your statis empowers you to live your life healthily and safely.

We believe in creating access. To knowledge. To Empowerment. To Testing.

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