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How Rapid COVID-19 Testing can help the world safely reopen!

Updated: Mar 2, 2022


With increasing vaccination rates and a reopening of global communities, rapid testing has become even more important as a tool to help quickly identify infections with high accuracy, ease of use, and accessibility.

With healthcare systems overburdened worldwide, it is critical that we understand the transmission of the virus so that people can respond and make informed health decisions quickly.

Rapid Testing Allows for Effective Isolation

As studies show that asymptomatic people can spread the virus, ensuring that testing is accessible for everyone who needs it is instrumental in keeping communities are safe. With PCR testing often inaccessible due to demand and cost, a rapid testing framework is an excellent support to ensure that communities can quickly identify infection and isolate to prevent further transmission.

Rapid Tests are Simple to Use

Rapid tests are easy-to-use and are often designed to work in multiple test environments. This helps reduce the burden on medical facilities like testing centres and hospitals. The ability to test groups of people simultaneously also helps ensure that infection is identified quicker.

Rapid Tests Provide Access and Reach More People

Due to the useability of rapid tests, they help create increased access to testing, especially for areas without testing centres nearby, such as remote communities. As the only workable option for massive screening campaigns, rapid tests offer a solution to increased testing demand.

Rapid Tests are Quick

Rapid tests offer quick results, often within just 15 minutes rather than waiting days for results, allowing people to either return to their daily lives or isolate and protect those around them. With their speed, rapid antigen tests can be used as an additional layer of defense for events such as sports, concerts, and schools.

Final Thoughts

While rapid tests cannot replace PCR molecular tests, they are instrumental in any pandemic response and framework. With studies showcasing high accuracy and efficacy, rapid tests are key in controlling community spread, both for the current pandemic and other infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis. By providing opportunities for people to better understand their health and make informed decisions, rapid tests can help create a world where everyone is empowered to live their lives healthily and safely.



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